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Real Food Is Made By Hand
An Artisan Bakery
Bethlehem, Pa.
518 Long St. Bethlehem, Pa. 18018 | Phone: 610-868-8100
What Makes Our Granola Unique?

The best-tasting granola starts with the best ingredients. But those ingredients are only as good as the bakers using them. That is why each Granola Factory baker is skilled in the same hand-made baking technique that I’ve used at my bed and breakfast since 1988. Our granola is roasted to perfection and hand-flipped throughout baking to keep it crisp and the flavor consistent. We take pride in the time and skill that goes into baking our granola, and we know you’ll enjoy the just-baked taste of each bag! 
                                     –Suzanne Virgilio
Hand-Made, Not Mass Produced: Real food is made by hand. Focusing on quality, not quantity, allows us to provide you with a more flavorful and healthy granola.  

Fewer Ingredients, More Flavor: When it comes to baking, we keep it simple. We use only a few, quality ingredients, but you’ll taste every one!

No Processsed Oils: Most foods you find at the store use processed oils that extend shelf life, but we prefer to stick with REAL, natural ingredients that pack more nutrients and flavor.