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Family Size All-Natural Honey Pecan Granola (2 Pack)

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Product Description

Do you love our original, seven ingredients, Honey Pecan Granola? We are now offering a special value pack of our most loved variety. The cost includes two 24 oz. family size bags of our All-Natural Honey Pecan with shipping included.

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    1. Simply the BEST Granola

      I discovered Granola Factory Honey Pecan granola at Wegmans in Ithaca, NY
      a few years ago, when I was looking for a no-raisin granola. My mother grew up in Bethlehem, so when I saw the label, I had to try it. Topping off a bowl of fresh berries and Greek yogurt, Granola Factory Honey Pecan is food heaven. Superb flavor and texture--makes every morning meal a treat. Since I cannot live without it, I was most pleased to find the two-pack of the family size online--a real bargain.
      on 26th May 2015

    2. Yum!

      I love this granola! I used to buy it at Wegmans when I lived in Bethlehem, but we have since moved away. I am glad to be able to have it shipped! on 6th May 2015

    3. Best granola

      Have this with yogurt and fruit every day! Online ordering is easy and it ships quickly. on 13th Mar 2015

    4. Simple ingredients, amazing taste

      This is one of the best granolas my family has tasted. It's a pretty simple list of ingredients, but combined in such a way that gives it a great toasted, buttery, nutty flavor. We love it on yogurt, ice cream or even by itself for snacking on. Don't have anything bad to say! on 9th Feb 2015

    5. Best Tasting Granola Ever

      I have been eating granola for breakfast for many years. I've tried most brands, and made my own. This Bethlehem Inn Granola is absolutely the tastiest granola I've ever had!
      When you open the bag, it has a fragrance like those rolled-up 'tarts' made from pie crust trimmings - - you know, with cinnamon and such. The flavor had more complexity than that - - it's sweet, but not too much so, and hardy, but again, not too much so. Just a perfect balance.
      Well done, Granola Factory!!
      on 9th Feb 2015

    6. Super Granola

      i'm a granola lover and it's hard to find the perfect fit. All the granolas from the Granola Factory are so perfect that i tend to end up eating most of them out of the bag as a snack. It's almost too good to dilute with milk or anything else. We've made the Honey Pecan our baseline but we like to order them all for a change of pace. on 4th Feb 2015

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