Our Favorite Instagram Photos

There is nothing we appreciate more than people spreading the word about our granola and Bethlehem Bars, especially when it's in the for of an Instagram post. To say thank you to our those who post the best photos of our granola on Instagram, we will give the photographers a free variety pack of Granola Factory. We'll pick our favorite photo each month to include on our home page. It will also be included on this page...Call it our wall of fame.


Here's how to enter the monthly contest:

  • Post a photo of photo of our granola or Bethlehem Bars on Instagram. The best photo each month will be added to our home page and the photographer will get a free Granola Factory Variety Pack.
  • BE CREATIVE: Take a photo of our granola on top of yogurt, mixed into an acai bowl, or included in your favorite smoothie recipe. Surprise us with new ways to enjoy our granola that not only taste great, but look beautiful in a photo.
  • Tag the Photo! Be sure to tag @GranolaFactory and use the hashtag #granolafactory.

Below are past winners of the contest.

Photo Taken by @mogiesmama on Instagram. Check out her Instagram page for great recipe ideas!

Photo By @Mogiesmama