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Where do you get all your recipes?

All of our recipes were uniquely crafted and created by our co-owner, Suzanne Virgilio.

What is the shelf life of your products? 

Our granola is best eaten within 90 days of the date listed on the back of the bag.  Our Bethlehem Bars are best consumed within 60 days listed on the back of the bar package. 

What is the best way to keep your products fresh?

All products will remain fresh at room temperature within time noted above (if sealed properly).  To extend shelf life or preserve freshness, you may refrigerate products, as well. 

Where can you buy our artisan products?

To see a list of stores where you can buy granola or Bethlehem Bars, click on the "FIND A STORE" category at the top of the home page.  Each store on the map will indicate which of our products it sells.  In addition to our store options, you can also order directly online by clicking on the "ORDER" tab for options and pricing. 



How are you supposed to eat our granola?

However you would like! The most popular ways people eat our granola is over yogurt, smoothies, cereal, or oatmeal.  It can also be a perfect snack right out of the bag!

Why do we use salt?

We use kosher salt in our granola because it is a great natural flavor enhancer.  Our granola does have a sweet and salty flavor to it, but each variety is considered low sodium by FDA standards. 

Why do we use butter?

We use butter because it is a natural animal byproduct that has been used since the time of the Roman Empire.  We believe that butter is a more flavorful source of fat, and it adds a softer texture to our granola. 

What kind of sweetener does our granola contain?

 Besides our native berry variety (which includes honey and brown sugar), all our varieties are solely sweetened by honey.

What is quinoa?

Our Cherry Almond fruit n' nut variety contains quinoa.  Quinoa is an edible seed, rich in protein, iron, and magnesium.  It carries a nutty taste that mixes very well with the tart cherries and blanched almonds in this granola. 

What is the difference between  the two honey pecan varieties?

The "All-Natural Honey Pecan" (green label) and the "Honey Pecan with Organic Oats and Honey" (orange label) are very similar in taste.  However, the All Natural Honey Pecan has wheat bran in it, whereas the Organic Honey Pecan has oat bran.  In addition to this, the Organic Honey Pecan uses organic oats and honey, and we use raw, unsalted pecans, giving it a slightly lower sodium content than the All natural variety.