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From Bee to Bottle (5 min read)

From Bee to Bottle (5 min read)

Posted by Ellie C. on Mar 1st 2022

Real Ingredients: Sandt’s Honey

As you know, we use only real, quality ingredients that are familiar and widely available. We source from suppliers who share this commitment to their craft. In most of our granola varieties, we use clover honey sourced locally from Sandt’s Honey in Easton, PA. We had the opportunity to tour the facilities and learn more about the process from the owner, John Torrillo.

Sandt’s Honey was founded in 1918 by Floyd Sandt. Floyd and his family managed over 400 hives in Easton as well as supplied equipment to other local beekeepers. In 2015, the Torrillo family purchased the company from the Sandt’s, continuing on Floyd’s mission of making “Unfiltered Raw Honey – As the Bees Intended.”