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New Bags, Who Dis? (3-Minute Read)

New Bags, Who Dis? (3-Minute Read)

Posted by Calvin Virgilio on Feb 28th 2023

New Packaging, Fresher Granola.

After 10 years of Kraft paper bags, we’ve switched to a “Kraft-style” pouch with new and improved material that’s more sustainable and keeps our granola fresher, longer!

Plastics and The Environment

Though our old pouches had a layer of Kraft paper on the outside, they were still made of plastic on the inside. All stand-up pouches you see in stores are made of multiple layers of thin plastic that are glued together to create a food-safe barrier that stands up on the shelf. While the Kraft paper gave our bags an artisanal look, it was actually an unnecessary layer of paper that required more energy and material to produce.

The other challenge that of Kraft paper was that it made our old bags nearly impossible to recycle. While your local municipality won’t recycle stand-up pouches, there are more advanced recycling companies like Terracycle that will. The catch is that they have to be made of full-plastic material.

When a layer of paper is glued to the outside of the pouch it becomes too challenging to separate the plastic material. This means the bag ends up in the landfill rather than being repurposed into recycled goods.

Keepin' it Fresh!

Over the years we’ve been fortunate to grow into 500+ retail stores. This expansion has challenged us to improve our operations to maintain the highest level of quality. Along with being more sustainable, our new pouches have an advanced material that keeps oxygen from entering the bag, allowing the granola to stay fresher longer. 

The Kraft paper on our old bags could not be paired with this advanced material, which meant that the paper was compromising the shelf life of our granola. We expect to increase our shelf life of granola by 25--40% with our new packaging. 

Solving The Single-Use Plastic Problem

I agree there is too much single-use plastic in the world. The statistic I’ve seen is that less than six percent of plastic waste is actually recycled!

We want to become part of the solution for more sustainable food packaging. We’re working on a way for you to send granola bags back to us for recycling with TerraCycle. In return we’ll reward you with discounts on our website. 

We're planning to test this program with a small group of our customers. If you have interest in recycling rewards, please contact us to be part of the pilot program.

To all of our customers, thank you for your continued support of our business. We are incredibly fortunate to be your preferred granola!

- Calvin Virgilio