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Real Ingredients: You Had Me at Wilbur Chocolate (5 Min Read)

Real Ingredients: You Had Me at Wilbur Chocolate (5 Min Read)

Posted by Ellie C. on Feb 10th 2022

Granola Factory uses only real, quality ingredients that are familiar and widely available. If an ingredient isn’t easily accessible to our customers, it shouldn’t be in the food we make. We source from partners who share this commitment and authenticity to their craft. To us, it’s not just about quality ingredients, but also the best quality brand of that ingredient.

Although I grew up in a household that placed a strong emphasis on health, I never really thought about what I was putting into my body. In college it was easy to run to the closest convenience store and grab a Pop-Tart on the go. It wasn’t until I had my second interview with Granola Factory that I realized how important real ingredients are.

Upon walking into the original Granola Factory bakery back in the Fall of 2019, I was shocked to see people flipping granola, containers of oats sitting on the counters and real dairy butter in the refrigerators. I had just assumed that everything was machine made. Further into my tour of the facilities, I noticed Wilbur chocolate which I learned were used for our Bethlehem Bars. I grew up in Lancaster, PA where Wilbur buds are practically deemed a delicacy. At that point I knew I was in the right place.

Granola Factory’s ingredient labels made me rethink my entire diet. For instance, our Original Bethlehem Inn Granola has only 7 ingredients: rolled oats, oat bran, honey, butter, pecans, cinnamon and salt. These ingredients are unprocessed and include no added sugars. We use unfiltered raw honey to sweeten our granola varieties. 

After examining the ingredients on our packaging, I started noticing weird ingredients on other company’s products. Have you ever seen ingredients you can’t even pronounce? Chances are they're probably not healthy. I began to only purchase products with familiar ingredients and it completely changed the way I felt.

You’ll come across many products that list ingredients such as sucralose, xanthan gum or added coloring which have zero nutritional benefit. The oats in our granola are filled with fiber and the pecans play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease due to their healthy fat content.

Although I initially started eating real ingredients because I thought it was a healthier way of living, I soon realized that changing the way you consume can affect many different aspects of your life. “90% of serotonin receptors are located in the gut” according to a Harvard Health study. This means that what you put into your body not only affects your physical health, but your mental health as well. When I eat real, whole foods, I notice a direct correlation with my mood and energy.

We will continue offering delicious products that are made with familiar, quality ingredients and sourced from partners who share a commitment to authenticity. In the coming months, we’ll be celebrating our suppliers and our ingredients. We hope this will inspire you to Get Real.