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Real Moments: Coffee with Cam (3 min read)

Real Moments: Coffee with Cam (3 min read)

Posted by Cal Virgilio on Mar 1st 2022

Many of my favorite memories are connected to food. Making 40 blueberry pies with my mother for my wedding reception, celebrating my 21st birthday at Peter Luger steakhouse in Brooklyn, NY, and the outdoor dinners we'd have on vacation in Martha's Vineyard when I was younger. Food can be delicious, but what’s more important is the context it’s enjoyed. The moments we connect to food last so much longer than its effect on our palette.

Whether it’s a major life event or an afternoon break, food enhances the experience. While our honey pecan granola probably won’t be at your wedding, it may be the snack you look forward to in the middle of a busy day. And when you sit down at the end of the night, biting into a Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk Shortie provides a moment of relief when the sweet and salty shortbread hits your palette.

Real moments are why we love making real food. It’s why we value the real people, ingredients and artisanry that affect our quality. We’re not just baking granola and cookies; we’re enhancing your moments of bliss with better tasting baked goods. Enhancing real moments is our higher purpose. I can’t think of a better purpose in life than making others happy.

Coffee with Cam

Every morning, I make coffee with a hot water kettle and a Chemex coffee filter. It’s a routine I started back when I first got married. Our apartment had a small kitchen with little counter space. The Chemex was great because it could be stored off-counter when I wasn’t using it. After moving into a bigger home, I stuck with the Chemex because it makes a smooth cup of coffee with less bitterness.

My youngest son Cameron has become my assistant barista in the morning. He looks forward to making coffee as much as I look forward to drinking it! He’ll help me pour the water onto the grinds and then edge closer to the Chemex to get a scent of the coffee brewing. I’ll pour the coffee into a thermos, and he’ll help with pouring the coffee into my cup.

On weekends I’ll take my coffee to my home office to catch up on some work. He’ll follow me right to the desk and sit on my lap. Sometimes we’ll treat ourselves to a butter pecan shortie since it is the weekend. At this point, he takes control of my keyboard and little work is completed. I’ll enjoy my coffee, and he’ll type away until he needs a bite of his cookie.

Raising kids is more challenging than anything I’ve done, but it’s also the most rewarding. I know years from now it will be these moments I remember most. I’ll forget the times he made me late for work because it takes longer to make coffee with a one-year-old. I’ll only remember his excitement and proud smile when he’d help his dad make coffee each morning.