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Top 5 Yogurts to Enjoy with Our Honey Pecan Granola

Top 5 Yogurts to Enjoy with Our Honey Pecan Granola

Posted by Ellie C. on Apr 10th 2022

What’s the first thing that comes to mind to pair with granola? Yogurt? Yes! Here at The Granola Factory, we think we have a pretty good idea as to which are the best yogurts since we’re eating it with our granola on a daily basis…we’re also pretty tough critics.

All of us brought in our favorite yogurts to have the ultimate yogurt tasting. We planned on a blind taste test, where we’d individually score each yogurt on a scale of 0 to 5. It just so happened that the morning of the taste-test, the power in our building went out . Its lights-out setting was perfectly timed for a “blind” taste test.

We tested a total of 13 yogurts paired with our Original Bethlehem Inn granola and wanted to share our top 5 that you should keep a look out for in the grocery store.

5. Oui Vanilla

Coming in at number 5 is Oui vanilla yogurt by Yoplait. The team enjoyed this French style yogurt with only a few simple ingredients: Grade A Milk, Cane Sugar, Yogurt Cultures and Vanilla Extract. “It wasn’t too thick but was smooth and had a great flavor,” according to Casey, our production manager. Oui also comes in a small glass jar which gives a classy touch and elevates your breakfast experience.

4. Brown Cow Cream Top Vanilla

Brown Cow Cream Top yogurts are made reminiscent of how yogurts used to be made when the cream would rise to the top. Brown Cow yogurt is certainly creamy as it’s made with whole milk. Comments surrounding this yogurt included a lot of, “oh wow!"